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IMG_1411My name is Tim Riley and my education journey began 15 years ago. Looking back that seems so long ago. Two days prior to Thanksgiving, I was called into an office and told that my job as a Project Manager was being eliminated. For the first time in my life, I was being let go. The following 11 months were depressing as one job application after another went unanswered. After 11 months I decided to do something different, and after the encouragement of family and friends decided to pursue teaching. But would I be good at it, or even enjoy it?

After 11 months of job searching, soul searching, and encouragement from family and friends I decided to pursue teaching. But would I be good at it, or even enjoy it? The unknown was a scary thought. I decided that pursuing something part-time at a high school might be a good indicator and already having a bachelor’s degree would help.

So with my Journalism degree, I applied, interviewed, and accepted a job as a Para-educator in a high school math department. No, not teaching match, but making sure students showed for their assignment appointments with their math teachers. Along with various administrative duties, I was provided opportunities to fully immerse myself in the high school environment, and I loved every minute of it.

After 15 years, I still wait and see when my educational journey will begin. Two teaching endorsements, an MA in Secondary Education, a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Writing, substitute teaching, and various English Adjunct positions later, I still look and hope for a full-time teaching job.

It’s a balancing act substitute teaching, adjunct teaching, and completing an MA in English all the while graduate teaching at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Two master’s degrees and a graduate certificate later, I’m still learning and improving my pedagogy, and still searching for my classroom.


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